The Greer Girls

When our mother, Winnie Greer opened her first photography studio in Ashland, Kentucky in 1980, in the attic of our family home, she had no idea she was embarking on a career that would span over 30 years and three generations. As I was trying to find my path after graduating from Centre with an Economics degree, there was no way I could grasp where the decision to photograph weddings would take me. When Leeann went to Brooks Institute in California to study photography, none of us could begin to imagine that we'd all come to share the love and passion we do today about our profession. Everything happens for a reason, and I am convinced that the Greer Girls were put on this earth to make a difference by sharing what we see through the lens of our cameras.

I started off in photography helping my mom at weddings during the summer breaks from high school, carrying her flash and learning how to load medium format film. She gave me my very own camera as I left for a semester abroad my senior year of college and I was completely amazed at how the camera would take such great pictures! After graduating from Centre and deciding that law school was most definitely NOT for me, my dad wondered why we didn't open a studio in Lexington, since photography had obviously been a fascination of mine for a while. Without hesitation, we opened a studio in Lexington's Chevy Chase and I started photographing weddings with my amazing mentor and mother by my side.

Later that next fall, Leeann moved to Santa Barbara to study with some of the best photography minds in the country and to learn everything she could absorb about the craft. With a Bachelor of Arts in her hands, she moved back home to help our family studio grow and evolve. No more loading film cameras! It was time to embrace the digital age and expand our imagery with the the changing times.

As with everything in life, things continued to change. I decided that I am allergic to winter :) and relocated to sunny St. Croix in the US Virgin Island. Mom and Leeann embarked on their new state-of-the-art portrait studio adventure on Walton Avenue. Leeann had two of the most adorable boys you could ever imagine, and life just keeps getting better! Now, my husband, Kevin, and I travel back and forth between the islands and Lexington, photographing destination weddings next to the Caribbean Sea, and working with my favorite photographers on earth back home in Kentucky. It almost feels like cheating to be so blessed to be on this journey together, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

:) Kelly Greer